5 Things to Include on Your Garage Door Company’s Website

5 Things to Include on Your Garage Door Company’s Website

As online search replaces the YellowPages, your garage door company’s website is perhaps your most powerful lead-collecting tool. It’s also a place were your potential customers go to find information on a product or service they are considering, and to judge the credibility of your business.
In order to ensure that your company’s website is accessible, generates leads, and creates a positive brand image, there are a number of things you should include:
1. A call to action on every page
Whether it’s for a free estimate, a special offer, or a contest, you want to include a call to action on every page of your website. This is how you get your potential customers to interact with your company, or provide their personal information, which can be used to help them along the sales process later on.
2. Customer testimonials
You may be thinking that customer testimonials are old fashioned, but the fact is that they’re very effective in validating trust for your company.
3. A blog
Keeping a business blog is a proven way to increase website traffic and establish your authority as an industry leader. By putting out fresh content on a regular basis, you are also helping your website to rank higher for relevant search queries.
4. Video content
Video is the most rapidly growing search medium, and you can take advantage of it on your website! Not sure how to work it in? Check out this Harrisburg garage door company’s website for ideas.
5. A sitemap
Including a sitemap on your website, and submitting it to Google’s Webmaster will help search engine crawlers to access all of the content on your site more efficiently, and notice any changes you make sooner.

There are many considerations to be made when it comes to your garage door company’s website. It can seem overwhelming at first, and there is certainly a lot to learn, but your efforts to strengthen your online presence are sure to pay off!

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