5 Facebook Advertising Facts no Entrepreneur Can Ignore

Facebook has changed the way that entrepreneurs do business.

Not only are the networking and interaction opportunities offered by the social media giant a real game changer for both local and national companies, but the benefits of Facebook advertising are truly hard to ignore.

Take these stats for example:
5 Facebook Advertising Facts no Entrepreneur can Ignore

  • Facebook has 955 million monthly users
  • The average desktop computer user spends 6.5 hours on Facebook each month
  • Facebook ads boast a 35% lower cost per conversion when compared to the online average
  • In an analysis of over 60 Facebook ad campaigns, over 70% had a return on investment of over 3x
  • The average Facebook ad keyword bid is up to 70% less than Google’s Adwords

While SEO and social media outreach should be the foundation of any business’s digital marketing efforts, paid advertising such as that offered by Facebook is a great compliment to a strong base.
To learn more about Facebook advertising, refer to our article: Are Facebook Ads an Effective Way to Generate More Business?

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